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You Think You Need Money?

I was cruising instagram and Nicole Perkin's story had the option to pick between two readings. The one I picked was about money. Specifically that I have been focusing on the idea that I need more money. But her reading suggest that we are the creators. What we think we need (aka what money will bring us) can actually be resourced from within. If you are reading this, I know this message has some wisdom in it for you as well.

The doubts we have in our ability to create is limiting the potentials we have as creators. We all have the ability within ourselves to create exactly what we desire.

If you are reading this blog post, YOU DO HAVE THE ABILITY TO CREATE WHAT YOU DESIRE!! There are no coincidences, let this be your nudge to start dreaming.

But most of the time we are too damn scared to even think about that, let alone allow ourselves to desire it. We typically shut down that glimmer of hope, leaving no space for it to ever be created as we dismiss the desire as too much or crazy or unattainable.

In a nutshell the message was about having doubts in your ability to create it (whatever your it is). I really feel that doubt in myself. I have a desire that will not go away to write, to be a story teller, to be an author. Whenever I distill down my business and ask, "what really lights me up?". The answer every time is writing. I enjoy sharing about my journey. I enjoy writing because it is healing for me. I enjoy writing because it allows the hermit part of myself that chance to be alone and in my genius. While simultaneously I am creating connection to people who read my story and resonate with my words. My story allows them to feel acknowledged and seen just as many story tellers have done for me. When a story resonates with me, it validates me! It stops me from feeling crazy for "wanting that" or too much for "doing this". Story telling to me is so magical because it creates space for us to accept ourselves a little more deeply and gives us permission to be ourselves. Or even hope that this hard thing we are navigating will be resolved, we will come out the other side.

It just feels so good when I am allowing ideas to flow through me onto the page.

BUT! And this is a BIG BUT!

I have never believed I could just do that... My mind can not wrap itself around that idea of thriving just following this passion. I MUST NEED SOMETHING ELSE?!?! I NEED MORE MONEY!! Most authors use their books to promote their business or passion. I believe most people do not make enough as an author to just be paid to write. BUT, what if I am wrong? What if I keep seeing signs to write, share, blog, and create because I can thrive as a writer? Maybe I will not be paid/rewarded/earn in physical money, but in other ways my mind can't imagine.

I keep seeing signs that I don't need to know, I just need to trust and follow this desire. My mind has no idea where my desire to write will take me. Maybe it will take me down the path of author and blogger and story teller? In reality I am already all three... I mean hello Ignite with Amber blog you are currently reading. Hello all the stories I have told to my friends in person, to friends and stranger on my social medias, in my newsletter and on my blog. Hello Motherhood Diaries, my first book as an author!

In reality this could just be a season in my life, just as environmental consulting was a season. This current season is mother, wife, author, blogger and storyteller. I need to trust that what is calling me is that path to my bigger picture desires of more connections with my kids. Calm and easeful existence where I feel like I am thriving. Living a life where I feel energized and excited and all sparkly! A life where I feel comfortable in my skin, I feel like my authentic self!

Nicole Perkin's message comes right after my afternoon of paddle boarding for FREE! Plus FREE embodiment breath work practice on the beach. Plus a FREE delicious Prairie Grazer box. Plus FREE time to catch up with my friend. This was ALL FREE! I created that and it did not cost me physical money to have that experience.

I had been desiring to paddle board more this summer. I had thought about getting my own paddle board. But only one season under my belt, I was nervous to do it on my own. So the universe provided me with another solution my mind could have never expected! I manifested free paddle boarding?!?! I do not need to do it alone?!?!? All my gear is provided for me, I just need to show up and help out?!?! How amazing is that. I manifested a perfect paddle boarding experience for myself, no money required. Look at my little creator GO :)

Now I do believe there are no coincidences. I am not surprised that after I enjoyed what I manifested that I saw the reading from Nicole. I am not surprised after I enjoyed my paddle boarding adventure with Kyla from Back2Nature Wellness that I saw another sign in the form of a honey bee nudging me to just keep showing up on here and sharing. And a tea bag message that "life is a gift". Today felt like a wonderful gift! I am going to stay open to what comes next, I hope you follow along as well.


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