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Why are you Crying at Work?!?!

When I do not give my emotions space to be expressed, they do not go away. Instead they build. The grief builds, the fear builds, the worry builds. The emotions build inside of me like pressure in a boiling pot! The lid holds them in for the most part, but that pressure keeps building until the water overflows. My emotions are the same, throughout my life I have generally kept my emotions in check. Unless I become disarmed by an unexpected circumstance. I share in a recording how that disarming has affected me in the past and what has been part of my journey now.

Listen Here: Space for my Emotions

After this voice memo I had another big meltdown. Dropping my son off at daycare had been a challenge and finally that was the catalyst for a meltdown. I cried a lot, I screamed out my frustrations and I gave myself time and space before pulling myself together and heading to work.

And the amazing thing is how much emotion was released or maybe has been released the last 6 months with my regular inner voice and inner child sessions. For the first time in a very long time, I did not cry while watching something sad on television. I am pretty notorious for crying when a show gets sad. But today it was so unexpected. It was a very sad scene and I watched without any tears. Like the last 6 months or maybe this last week I really and finally took the lid off of those emotions I had been stuffing down. And by really giving my emotions a safe space to be expressed, I did not need to let some leak out during a sad scene in the show.

If you don't know where to start to create space to allow your emotions to be seen or heard, book an Inner Knowing Session.
Or if you are looking for more regular support check out my Embodiment of Self Package. We will spend 6 month's regularly holding space for your emotions to just be 🐝

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