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Very Hard on the Feminine

I was reminded by my good friend Kyla the power of mirroring. Her coach was challenging her to embody the relationship she desired within herself first. And so she is honouring that challenge and also holding the desire to attract someone who would help her embody those feelings within herself.

And so she got me reflecting on my own relationships. After all, it is libra season, a perfect time to reflect on your relationships. Relationships with your spouse, kids, coworkers and most importantly your self.

Few things I have noticed. I am very hard on the feminine. I see this very clearly with the expectations I have had for my mom compared to my dad, myself compared to my husband, and then of my daughter compared to my son. I quickly and easily show the masculine (all the men in my life) and the masculine energy inside me more grace and compassion. Feminine I expect to step up, find another gear, rise above. I see this especially with my children as I let my son get away with more because I assume he doesn’t understand or is the younger one. In that same exchange then ask my daughter how she would feel if the reverse happened to her. Not allowing her to be 4 years old and just get angry. Instead ask her to see the situation from both sides and be better.

What I have also noticed in the feminine/masculine dynamics playing out in my life is that the feminine feels abandoned, and unimportant. She craves the feeling of being seen, having someone be present (not distracted with games, phones, social media, chats). Just a steady acknowledgment and listening without distraction. My feminine wants to feel important, like she is number 1! That I would drop anything to nurture her. Because internally I am ignoring my feminine.

My daughter said it best, “you need to listen to your body and listen to your bones. That is why you are exhausted.”

So this month I hope to move more towards a better relationship with my feminine. Giving her more grace and holding my masculine more accountable. Aka question myself on all the action steps my masculine wants to take each day. Be more gracious to my feminine. If I need rest, then I need rest. Take time to listen to my body. Somatic inquiry into the feelings in my body, the way my feminine is trying to get my attention. And make my feminine feel important by starting each day with her, starting slow, finding time to take it slow.

And if this resonates and you have no idea where to start? Send me a message. I can send you resources. We could also book a free 30 minute call. The 30 minute is associated with my 6 month offering, but you could always book if you just need support, no pressure for a 6 month commitment. If you want to pull in more feminine, a truer embodiment of self, I would love to help you tap into your guidance 🙏🏻.

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