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Two Sabbaticals Later…

I know… I was just as surprised as you when my intuition started showing me signs it was time for ANOTHER sabbatical. The first clue for another sabbatical was the slowing of my clients.

After my first sabbatical they were flowing without much effort and I was starting to get busy. I was thinking to myself, “it’s a miracle, taking time away from my business was exactly what my business needed!” I was energized after my first sabbatical and so excited to put into action all the ideas and downloads I had received. Then it started to feel tough… I was only a couple months back to business and I was exhausted. My 1 year old wasn’t sleeping well and I only had part time daycare. So, I thought I had to cram my business and downtime into two days.

This is when I started getting the guidance from my intuition to “DO NOTHING”…

Find out how it ends on Clubhouse

Monday, November 15th @ 7pm CST

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