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Trust Your Gut

I got the reminder yesterday that I get off track when I stop trusting or listening to my gut.

And then my good friend and coach @back2nature_wellness suggested I write out all the times I trusted my gut and it worked out.

It can be hard because the mind likes logic. But yet our gut can see past the logic and just knows.

When I have gotten guidance from my intuition that my mind struggles to wrap it’s head around, I ask the universe to show me a sign.


I wanted to take an expensive for me coaching package. My inner knowing was a clear yes, but my mind was not.

I couldn’t see how I could afford the coaching package. So I asked the universe to show me how I was going to pay for the course.

Not too long after the request I got the news from daycare that it would be subsidized and there would also be rebates! My mind was blown.

But I still didn’t trust. So again about a month later, I asked the universe to send me a sign, showing me I could afford the coaching package. Again, very soon after I was told I got a raise at work. 🤯

But as it came time to sign up and make my first payment. I again was second guessing as the discount hadn’t started and no rebate to date from daycare.

I asked again for a sign I could afford this coaching package. That same day I got a text message from daycare asking me how I wanted to receive my rebate…

I was able to pay for the coaching package. I was never without when I followed my gut. But my mind struggled to trust. Your mind will likely always struggle to completely trust as it can only discern based on past experiences.

As your intuition asks you to enter the unknown. And your mind starts to squirm. First, hear it out. Hear the fears that are coming up. And then ask the universe to provide evidence or a sign to help show your mind that this next step is aligned.

When you get full buy-in from your mind and your gut, there is no stopping you then 🙌 💕

#magic #abundance #manifesting #signs #confidence #intuition #trust

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