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The Purge

I just deleted my business Instagram account (@ignitewithamber) and my Facebook business account (Ignite with Amber).

WTF did I just do?

My intuition blindsided me with this little nugget about two weeks ago and my mind said "WTF!?!?"

I took some action that same day and deactivated my Instagram account to see how it felt. A total delete felt drastic and CRAZY AS F*CK! I feel Jim is doing a good job of reenacting my mind's response to the idea of deleting my social business accounts.

At the same time there was a sense of freedom at the idea of deleting my business social media accounts.

These social accounts were more work or pressure than joy. Did I enjoy some aspects, 100%, but the fleeting moments of joy were being overshadowed by the idea of what I thought my social media "should be doing" for my business. I felt like I "needed to post more" or what I was posting "wasn't right". At the end of the day it was not brining me joy. And right now I am on a heavy purge of things that are not working or do not leave me feeling good.

THE PURGE started energetically in February when my mind received the evidence it needed on how powerful it can be to simply be in your body. When you get your mind onboard, I find you are cooking with gasoline as your mind (logical self) and body (intuitive self) are working in harmony! All of me got onboard with how powerful it is to feel the sensations and purge old pain bodies. Thank you Kaila Corsiglia for showing me this, forever grateful. She showed me that those sensations we feel in our body and typically ignore just want our attention. Giving them your attention they have the chance to be experienced and released. When released the mind stories stop spinning and your emotions become regulated by just observing how your body is feeling. In February my mind realized how big of a shift I felt physically and mentally when I gave those sensations space to be observed. Give it a try for yourself when you are really activated: sensations. Or do yourself a favour and go work with Kaila, as she is magic!

THE PURGE also got a boost when I started to consciously let go. I listened to a podcast about Consciously letting go by Leticia Ringe (episode 186) and every word she shared made so much sense. Example, I have been looking to let go of my 9-5 for years. I dare say in 2014 it started to feel sticky. In 2017 I was willing to consider the idea of leaving as I thought I had an exit strategy in my business. But now 2023 I am still technically employed at my 9-5, but working only a few hours a month... The way I have gone about trying to let go of my 9-5 until March of this year, is the same way most people do. I was sullying my experience at my 9-5 in hopes that it would allow me to let go with more ease. Instead it has made the letting go feel even harder. As letting go is typically not instant, I was sitting and stewing in the reasons it was no longer aligned... instead of appreciating what was still feeling good. I was not allowing myself to be grateful for how it is and has served me. While at my 9-5 I experienced wonderful friendships, personal growth, financial support, and a sense of purpose to just name a few. There is a reason I have stayed and was drawn to my 9-5 in the first place. I will always be grateful for my 9-5 and at the same time I know more deeply each day I am meant to let it go and start a new chapter. A chapter that is not clear at the moment. Although I am just trusting that letting go is what I need and trusting the next steps for financial support will become clear.

I highly recommend you listen to this podcast if you are in season of transition (which I'm about 99% sure you are if you have found this blog post).

Being with my sensations to allow them to be seen and released as well as consciously letting go has started to spill into this month. I have started to let go through "physical" or maybe more appropriate "virtual" purging in my business and social media.

I started asking myself in my business, "does this bring me joy?" "Following this person, bring me joy?" "Being in this group, bring me joy?" "Subscribing to this email list, bring me joy?" "Posting on social media, bring me joy?"

My intuition decided to take me one step further and hit me with... "does it bring you joy to have these social media accounts???"Lorna Stell was holding space for me in one of her Vitality Activation Sessions when my intuition guided me to deleted my @ignitewithamber Instagram account.

Well, I deleted my accounts. My social business accounts were not bringing me joy. I am stepping into the unknown as my only platform I have for my business still standing is my website and my youtube channel I am hardly ever on.

My intuition is promising me something better is waiting on the other side of this release. At the moment I can say I feel lighter. It feels good to know I am just going to focus my energy on my blog and no where else at the moment. Just share and write and see where that takes me.

As Karlee Ratzlaff said, "What feels good right NOW? Not what you are worried about 2 days from now, 2 weeks from now, 2 months from now. What feels good right NOW?!?! Follow what feels good right NOW." For me, writing on my blog feels good right now!

I would say my word for the summer is "FOCUSED". On my way to focus my energy and time... first has come THE PURGE! The conscious letting go, the letting go through observing the sensations in my body. Are you feeling called to purge anything? Leave a comment below or email me what this current season is asking you to let go of.


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