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The Power of Now!

I’m taking a break from social media again.

I have done it before and started again just this past week. Gosh it is so magical every time I take a break!

I am not saying no more social media, but I will not have it on my phone right now.

If I want to scroll Facebook I need to connect on a computer. And let's just say Instagram on a laptop is not near as enjoyable. I find that it becomes less appealing and less convenient.

The break also transforms my time with my kids. Instead of catching up on my latest new feed, I find I can more easily be present with my kids.

It also gives my mind that space to connect to me besides bedtime. If I’m always filling the silence, always filling the void with something. Then I don’t have that space to just have thoughts float through.

Those gaps of time create space for my mind to be heard. Not having social media on my phone means I do not fill the gaps of time with scrolling. Even I feel more seen! So at bedtime I can sleep, instead of my mind jumping up to share everything it didn’t have a chance to reflect on with me during the day.

If you want to stay in the loop during my social media break, feel free to join my newsletter or follow my blog! Both are great! But don't take my word on it, come join and decide for yourself!

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