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Shadow Work

Shadow work has a cool ring to it, and I feel suits the month of October. Mercury retrograde just does not disappoint. Mercury retrograde is when the planet appears to be moving backwards. That backwards energy does a good job of bringing up our shadows that are ready to be acknowledged and released. Shadows, aka limiting beliefs or unconscious belief systems, that are causing us to make decisions that do not serve us. They are beliefs we do not think are safe for people to know or think about us, so we stuff that part of ourselves down as a way to keep us safe.

How has this shadow work felt for me? Like A LOT of anger. First I experienced anger in myself… tried to address, but, eventually stuffed down, so it started to manifest as a headache. Then it was manifesting as tantrums in my 2 year old. Then back to myself where I ragged and actually started ripping apart masks as a way to physically release my anger. And then ended with a couple triggering statements from friends, family, and my husband that left me exploding my anger onto my poor husband. But, it was the catalyst I needed to release that energy and really express myself to start to get to the root of my anger. The anger was covering up the grief and wounds I have not felt ready to look at. But, it was time to get to the root of the shadow work, the part of me I was rejecting. I started to feel it because it is time, I was ready to release.

My shadow work for this mercury retrograde came to a head this week! Just in time really as mercury retrograde is coming to an end on October 18th!

It has been a ride this week! If you had a tough week, felt angry, anxious, sadness, grief. You likely were working through your own shadow work and I do hope you were gentle with yourself through it. But, if you are reading this post, you likely did not show yourself much kindness. I know I struggle when I struggle. I think I should just get over it. Go back to being the happy version I think everyone wants me to be.

But, I hope this post finds you and reminds you that we do not and should not expect ourselves to always have it together. Find a buddy to journal with (see photo of Oliver “helping” me journal), talk with, cry with. Or seek out emotional support from a healer, whatever that means for you. I journaled, cried, raged, talked and received gentle and kind support this week from a few ladies in my support system ❤️

Take Care Lovelies, no matter how you have navigated the last few weeks, you did it beautifully.

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