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Proud Mama Moment

Updated: May 9

I have been slowly introducing all the work I am doing for myself to my daughter (she just turned 5 years old in March).

She is wise beyond her years, but at times has not been very receptive to my woo woo or somatic or nervous system regulation tools.

Although, she keeps showing interest. One of her favourite tools I have been using, is my bodytalk training. She likes it when I ask her body questions, especially about her emotions.

I am also working with her to better observe, feel and allow sensations in her body. Maybe a post for another time, but her wisdom with that has blown me away.

So today, she had a sensation in her body. I first tired getting her to explain the sensation. I asked questions about intensity and location and how she would describe the feeling. She was not having it today. But then she asked me to ask her body what was being held in that area. I tapped into my intuition. I was getting an emotion and something else.

She got mad at what came up with my intuition. She told me I was wrong and so I let it go. But maybe 10 seconds later, she was quiet and still, with her eyes closed.

I thought she was looking to regulate herself after being angry. But when she opened her eyes, she had a big smile on her face. She told me she talked to her body!

Proud Mama Moment, as this was her first time!!! I have been encouraging her to talk to her body, but up to now she has wanted me to talk to her body instead of her.

What her body told her was that she needed this thing and then a bathroom break and she would feel better. Just even acknowledging this, the sensation was gone. The pain disappeared and she was ready to tackle the day ☺️💕🙌

After a very trying couple of days last week, a little nugget of gold to remind me, this is why I am on this path and journey 🙏🏻

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