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Nurturing Me

In the photo below, I was not nurturing me. I was working late at my 9-5 to get a deliverable out the door. When I started my healing journey I was consistently doing this to myself. I was in a place of pleasing those around me and disregarding any of my own needs. A few more years into my healing journey, I discovered I have intuition! I am capable of providing intuitive healing for not only myself, but, for others. So, again I found a new way to focus on others and forget to put myself first. Then I became a mother and that was probably the fastest and most intense nose dive in my self care to date. As parenting is intense and was just compounding all of the ways I was focusing on others and putting my nurturing on the back burner. So, I burnt out! But, lucky for me I was in a much better place to hear guidance from the universe and from my intuition. It asked for a sabbatical from my intuitive healing business. I accepted and paired it with self care and gratitude for myself. I struggled at first at the idea… but, I am so glad I listened. I came out feeling ready to take on the world. But, I was still missing a big piece when I jumped back into my intuitive healing business. I forgot to integrate downtime again… and I burnt out again. This brought forward the intuitive guidance to do nothing. Followed by the instructions for another sabbatical as I started back at my 9-5. So, here I am, almost 6 months back to my 9-5 and still getting the guidance to stay on sabbatical. But, to start sharing more with my community again. Today’s share is a reminder that healing is not linear. It ebbs and flows. And as we enter the zodiac sign of libra, it is a perfect time to remind you that those ebbs and flows need to balance each other out. In the picture above I was driving myself past my stress threshold and past my energy threshold. I had ignored a signal a few weeks back that I needed a day off. Instead I worked an extra day. This energetic choice brought on the double down. The universe just kept bringing the busy, until we peaked with the picture above. Me working overtime to get a deliverable out the door. This was the peak as I started my decent the next day. My body was exhausted, she was sick, but, I still worked some of that day. I knew I needed rest, but, struggled to totally surrender. It took 4 days for my body to finally descend from the peak I had reached. I share this because we are allowed to drive, but, just as important as the driving is the down time. My triple down with my 9-5, a business and motherhood has meant I have needed a lot of down time. And so I will continue to learn to slow down. Continue to learn to find that balance between action and rest. So, today this email is a reminder to nurture yourself. And that slowing down is so important. A lot of us subscribe to the belief we need to always be driving to be successful and receive praise. But, how about we start praising those that embrace the need for some slow.

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