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My Inner Knowing told me to “Wait!”

There is a frantic energy that always bubbles up in me as I see a situation getting out of control or so I think. This frantic energy sends me into a stress response. I start racing against the tsunami of uncomfortableness that I assume will unfold if I do not stay one step in front of what I expect is about to unfold.

Trying to stay ahead of the disasters I assume my children are about to make. Trying to stay ahead of the hurt feelings that come from unshared toys. Trying to stay ahead of big emotions bubbling up from me, my children or my husband.

I see what I assume is going to be a disaster and hop into action. I start cleaning faster, micromanaging the playing, trying to distract the unhappy person. All these actions in hopes to turn the tide before emotions crest and then break out all over everyone.

But here is what I have noticed.

I think my frantic energy sometimes wins, but other times escalates the situation. My husband or children maybe can feel my frantic energy. Let us assume they can feel my energy. Then it appears they also jump into action in response to my energy. Maybe in hopes to counteract my energy? Or they are simply unconsciously jumping in on the frantic energy wave I am producing. So I become a self fullfilling prophecy as things escalate rather than diffuse.

This morning I could feel the energy of the room turning. Frustration was starting to brew and normally I would have jumped into action trying to “counteract that energy”. In reality I am just adding to the misaligned energy by being reactive. Instead I checked in with my intuition and it told me to “wait”. Just “wait, wait, wait”. God it was hard, this is not how I respond. The frustration I felt brewing came to a head! They released their anger, and then sat for a moment. Got themselves back to a place of regulation without me doing anything.

And this isn’t even the best part! Next it was time to get the kids ready to get out the door. And both kids were a dream! For two kids who constantly test their parents when it is time to leave the house. They got their stuff on without any fight. Out the door in minutes! On a bad day this can take upwards of an hour 🤯

As my picture suggests, my kids are constantly reminding me to just take a chill pill and wait. Hazel made me wait 45 minutes before she was ready to get into the car just a few weeks ago 😑. On top of that wonderful pick up, Oliver has also been saying, “Wait, Wait, Wait!” Like Constantly! Whenever we are trying to do something for him (usually something he doesn’t like, such a putting on a shirt), he has been asking us to, “Wait!”

So I guess I need to wait more! “Do nothing” as my intuition likes to remind me almost daily. And just let the day unfold. Let the people in my life have their moments. I need to lean in and trust they got this! As my default response is action, I need to lean more into the “wait”.

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