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Life or Death?

I make a lot of decisions life or death. I put a lot of pressure on myself to make the “right” decision. But I have noticed how my need to make the right choice usually lands me in a holding pattern. Not making a move, instead stuck in the decision making stage. In this weeks recording I share my thoughts on making decisions life or death and what guidance the cards above gave that we all needed to hear!

Listen Here: Life or Death?

But I have found that my intuition generally is guiding me to try it! Whatever I am not sure on, but continue to contemplate, most of the time my intuition guides me to,

“DO IT!”


When you go for it and give it a try, you are finally able to actually experience the energy of that choice. Live it real time and in those moments, it become very clear it was the right decision, maybe still leaves you confused or it is finally a clear no.

So if you are listening to this recoding and reading this blog, then this is your sign. This is your driftwood telling you it’s time to just go for it (whatever that “it” is)!

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