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Leaning on TV and iPads

I’m on day 7 of a heavy lean on tv and iPads. Since coming back to my 9-5 in April I feel like I haven’t been able to catch up! Hence a very long sabbatical from my business. And a slow return this fall. I have vilified tv and iPad time for myself and kids. But I am changing my perspective. Especially as I am pretty typically a person that drives myself and family forward too much. I worry about making the most of each moment, even my downtime needed to be purposeful. It has been night and day as I opened myself up to a week of almost nothing! I mean I am a Mom of toddlers, so even when I do nothing I’m still wiping bums, making meals and helping my kids off to bed.

But I’m on day 7 of the heavy lean on tv and

iPad for myself and my kids. My kids were crushing big sleeps, not always the norm for them. A pretty clear sign to me we were all exhausted from the excitement of Christmas. Also exhausted from the last 9 months. I feel like I have been scrambling the last 9 months to get my feet back from under me. My energy in 2021 for the most part felt like I was chasing; trying to keep up to my book marketing, trying to keep up to a project at work, trying to keep up to my kids and trying to keep up with my self care. Always feeling these items were ahead of me and leaving me feeling like I was always catching up.

Now 9 days into 2022 I am feeling good. I took it slow coming back to work this week. I also took it slow the last two weekends. I am looking to prioritize myself, following some beautiful insightful guidance from Nish. She believes in setting yourself up for success. How you start your day will set you up for the rest of the day. I have been journaling each morning, pulling cards for myself and adding a meditation, yoga or embodiment dance if I have time or it feels good. And as it has felt so needed, I finally leaned into mindless tv! Hours on hours of Netflix’s!

I know as an entrepreneur and as a mother I assumed I didn’t have time to watch tv anymore. That I needed to make the most of my downtime. And that toddlers shouldn’t watch tv. In the end it left me never fully able to relax. So if you currently subscribe to the narrative that you can’t have down days (or multiple days in a row if required) with your kids. Take this as a nudge from the universe to question that narrative and start to be honest with what you need. ❤️

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