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It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I was reflecting today how busy we get this time of the year. Leading up to Christmas with parties and shopping and preparation for the holiday season. Such an interesting energy given we are at the end of the fall cycle leading into the winter cycle. The winter season which is about death, release, slow, going within. The winter season is about the ending of the seasonal cycles before we start anew in the spring. Yet, we spend most of the time leading up to the winter season in a state of busy.

It leaves me feeling exhausted and my children reflecting that need for slow. My kids are already dragging their feet more, emotional, needing more support. Why are they dragging their feet and naturally/intuitively slowing the pace? Because my children can sense I am forcing. My kids intuitively know this is a time for slow and they feel the uneasiness as I push forward anyways.

This time of year felt easier in the past. My work typically was slowing down, so I started to take time off from work to prepare for the holidays. Plus in the past I generally just had to get Christmas gifts. If I didn't feel like decorating for Christmas, I didn't have to. No hosting, no children to buy for expect nieces and nephews. It was busy, but I allowed the slowing of my work to naturally off set the extras around the Christmas season.

This year it is not the case. I am hosting Christmas, busy at work, looking to do activities with my kids for Christmas. It feels very busy! And my kids are reflecting that struggle.


Ask yourself that question if this resonates with you at all. Ask your spirit guides, universe, god, higher power, angels to show you what you actually need to be doing right now? Ask for help finding ways to slow down the busy energy of this season. Ask for support finding time to relax and release.

The answer may not come right away, but, let it unfold. When I ask what do I need right now? I get the response of time. It is time for slow, time for doing nothing, time for restorative yoga. This is so uncomfortable. I feel like that is all I have been doing the last year or more. Doing a lot of nothing. Which is so untrue as I have been parenting, going back to my 9-5 and deepening my healing journey. Yet, I really struggle with the slow.

T'is the season for slow more than ever. Grant yourself that gift. After all this is the most wonderful time of the year.

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