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Updated: Oct 27, 2022

I was spiralling. I had spent 5 days at work when I’m only supposed to be at work 3 days a week. The week before I was in 4 days that week because it had felt very busy. I was going down the rabbit hole of a $10k USD course that was going to help women who are brunt out from themselves. I was leaning back into old ways of unconsciously coping with big emotions I didn’t want to feel. I was attracting busy and letting my mind problem solve all on its own. It had been weeks since I sat down and checked in with my inner knowing. Instead of making time, I was just running around like a chicken with my head cut off, turning my life into a dumpster fire, one activated decision after another. Then walked in the Lovely Lorna. We had an Vitality Activation Session (similar to an Inner Knowing Session) set for this Friday and I was needing it! She allowed me to share all that was on my mind, we formed some questions she was going to ask my inner voice. Then she helped me ground myself and we connected to my intuition. She took her time, allowing my inner essence to help answer and provide guidance for all my questions. By the end I had clear directions. I felt like I wasn’t spiraling. And like MAGIC, the things I “thought” I needed to do, they started to resolve almost instantly! I was able to resolve problems quickly and easily. I only spent another hour at work instead of the rest of the day. By taking that time to pause, I allowed the universe to send me solutions, both clear guidance in the form of answers directly to me during my session. But, also solutions in the form of rearranged schedules done by other people. And then finally an out of the blue message from my boss that Friday afternoon that my mental health and days off are more important than work. My mind felt less activated, I felt more calm and I felt so joyful as what seemed to be a never ending list of action items, now felt managed. I thought I was going to have to work on Monday. Instead I had space and time now to maintain my Monday off and get back into a more aligned space just by taking 75 minutes for myself 🙏🏻. Do yourself a favour if you are spiralling and find the relief that comes from tapping into your inner guidance.

P.S. Lorna is offering Vitality Activation Session! Right now just $33 USD instead of her regular $250 USD!

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