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I Stayed Home and Snuggled

It is so hard when they are little, they demand so much of you. They strip you down until you have given to the point of exhaustion and then ask you to do it again tomorrow. They make you really take stalk of what you want to put your energy towards because they can take so much of it.

Today I was supposed to work 🤷‍♀️.

Get up early, ✔️

Get my kids to daycare, ❌

Oliver woke up off, extra clingy, rosie checked and a diaper full of poop which is not normal for him.

The nurturer in me feels like he needs to stay home. He needs his mamas love as he wanted nothing to do with his dad this morning. I believe fear and anger can compromise our immune system. I also believe love and joy can be our best energetic support for our immune system. Oliver was very clear what he wanted and needed today. Was I ready to stay home and offer it?

I checked in with my intuition and a resounding yes to stay home and keep him home.

So I left Oliver with his dad (Oliver was not impressed) and I rushed to work to grab my laptop so I could bring it home and work from home. And then I attempted to juggle work and taking care of my kids.

An almost impossible job, especially when your littles don’t feel good. I worked and I cuddled. I waffled on keeping him home as he was looking more himself. But my intuition was telling me he needed to stay. In a world where we push ourselves to go back the second things look better, I knew he needed to stay.

But, as I considered letting him stay home, I had all these thoughts go through my head.

“I’m setting a bad precedent, he is going to cling every time now.”

“He is going to manifest being sick so he can stay home.”

“I am being too soft, he would have been fine at daycare.”

“My husband would have sent him without a second thought, why am I keeping him home?”

But, what also went through my head.

“I can make time for him, I want to make time for him.”

“He clearly needs some extra love from his mom.”

“We are obviously running on fumes if we keep getting sick.”

“If Oliver is a reflection of me, I obviously need a day at home as well.”

So I stopped trying to juggle about halfway through my day. This is not what I wanted. This is not what Oliver wanted. He wanted his mom’s undivided attention. He wanted his mom to take it easy with him and snuggle.

So today I stayed home and I snuggled.

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