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I Can’t Believe I’m Getting Paid To Do This!

When I came back to consulting it hit me hard. I had spent 18 months away raising two kids and working to get my business off the ground. There was a lot of stress in those 18 months.

But, I had taken a pause in December (about 15 months into my 18 month leave). A day of nothing that flipped my stress level to very manageable. I came back to consulting in what I thought was a good place. My son and myself were starting to sleep for longer stretches at night. Meditation wasn’t life or death. Regular sessions for myself were not life or death.

But my first week back to consulting hit me hard. I fell pretty quickly back to old expectations of myself. And consulting is just a very challenging environment for someone who is self motivated and micromanaging of their own time.

So I left week one very activated. Insomnia was starting to creep back in. But I thought it was just the first week. I would settle in and it would feel better. After week two I was asking my husband if I could quit. If I could just sell my car and keep the kids home from daycare. I couldn’t handle being back at consulting. Scott heard my request, but wanted me to stick it out. Week three I started booking sessions again. Week four I had so much pent-up anxious energy I started crying most Fridays.

I could not believe this is where my intuition had wanted me to go. But during a reiki session with Amy, her card reading confirmed I was where I needed to be. It “felt like I was dying”, but I was in fact ok. There was a lesson I needed to learn and at my consulting job was the best place to learn those lessons.

So I stayed and increased my frequency of sessions. I started eating my feelings. I tried to be grateful for a steady paycheque. And I started talking to my husband about full time daycare instead of part time.

But fast forward almost a year and I was finding pockets of peace at work. But then my boss quit. And my safety net at work was gone. I sent the request right then and there to the universe. “GET ME OUT OF HERE!!”

Well I manifested a job interview within a couple of weeks. A new job within just over a month!

My new job is still in consulting. But at the moment it has a different pace. And an openness to what I’m passionate about. I am passionate about self care. I am passionate about learning the value of downtime. I am passionate about people manifesting lives they didn’t believe were possible. I am passionate about helping people manifest jobs that they love so much, they cannot believe they get paid to work there!

I manifested my dream job when I was 27!

I remember my first day in the field I thought to myself,

“I can’t believe I get paid to do this!!!”

I did not have a clue at the time how. I just thought, “man I am lucky!” Now reflecting back there was a lot of good things going on leading up to that job opportunity. And I bring that energy in my 8 recordings. I provide the space to get relaxed, reflect on what you want and hopefully have some fun as we connect to your imagination/your intuition.

Best Case Scenario: You manifest your dream workload and have an amazing year.

Worst Case Scenario: I help you pause for 15-30 minutes each week and connect to your breath, which helps to ground and relieve stress.

I will be releasing the recordings Wednesday, June 8th (oops I said May 8th in the last email). It will be an 8 part series that you can use weekly to help you manifest that pinch me feeling.

“I cannot believe I am getting paid to do this!”

Investment will be $55 USD

If you are interested, please reply to this to learn more or Sign up!

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