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Free Embodiment Dance Session

This was my first free virtual Embodiment Dance Session. It was just me, myself and I, but I went through everything as if people were there.

All you need it a place where you feel comfortable dancing with your eyes closed and hit play!

Perfect to release stuck emotions, release old trauma and get back into your body through intuitive and fun movement. No prior dance experience is required, just let your body move however it wants .

P.S. this fall I plan to offer Embodiment Dance Sessions in-person at the Ivy Yoga House. I plan to host it on Thursdays over the lunch hour. The hope is that I can be a nice reset on your lunch break from the stress of work. But I am open to different day or time if you want to come, but Thursday at lunch doesn't work for you. Send me a message on a day/time that would work better for you! If you are in the Saskatoon area, keep that on your radar for this fall.

P.S.S. this fall I plan to team up with Back2Nature Wellness and Adventures for a full moon offering that will include embodiment dance!

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