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Flow Story: From Contrast Comes Flow


This Blog is meant to help you feel seen and a little less crazy on your journey to follow and trust your gut more deeply. This blog is meant to inspire you as you navigate your own intuitive journey back to your authentic self. As I Ignite with Amber; I return to my authentic self, I hope my words will be the catalyst or nudge to help you Ignite the Spark in You!


From Contrast comes flow. Whatever you are desiring is on the other side of your contrast. Your contract might be labelled as anger or fear or anxiety or worry or grief. Or if you look past that label it feels like vibration or itch or tension or aches in the body.

This week I experienced contrast in the form of anger and grief that felt like a painful big toe and aches in my body. On the other side of feeling the emotions and sensations was a wonderful manifestation of my desires! To hear all the details, have a listen.

In the episode I mention a couple different women and I wanted to leave their names and links below if you are curious about any of their offerings. If the list seems overwhelming, just close your eyes and then notice which name you are drawn to when you open your eyes. Whoever the name is, that is someones your intuition feels would be in alignment for you, will help you to your next desired step.

Kyla Bouvier - Back2Nature Wellness and Events - Outdoor Adventures

Kaila Corsiglia - Intuition Academy Podcast - Desires Coach

Darlene Blanch - Kula Embodied Healing - Sound and Dance Healing

Michelle Paul - Sovereign Soul - Reiki and Sound Baths

Malika Sellami - The Chanting Queen - Chanting

Heather Waxman - True Nature Oracle - Therapist and Breathwork Facilitator


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