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Feel it to Heal It!


This Blog is meant to help you feel seen and a little less crazy on your journey to follow and trust your gut; your inner knowing, more deeply. This blog is meant to inspire you as you navigate your own intuitive journey back to your authentic self. As I Ignite with Amber; I return to my authentic self, I hope my words will be the catalyst or nudge to help you Ignite the Spark in You!


Did you feel that? Did you notice some sticky, uncomfortable energy dropped the last few days? If you are into astrology, we had the Full Moon in Aquarius ️, as well as Venus in retrograde, as well as the energy associated with the lions gate portal on August 8th starting to light up!

I got hit with a wave of old energy! The Venus Retrograde pulling energy from my past that is ready to be felt and released for the new energy I am wanting and calling in with all my relationships.

At first I did what I always do. First I tried to stuff it down. It was so fast… I observed the gross old feeling and I quickly stomp on it… I ignored it only to have it pop up again. Next came coping strategy number two, I ran from the feeling by keeping myself busy. When that wasn’t enough, I enlisted coping strategy number three, I focused on helping other people…

Finally I had a session for myself, there was some space to feel and I cracked it open!

Ugh 😑

And I didn’t give myself time to be in it as it cracked open. This old energy felt unsafe and uncomfortable in my body so I attempted to find more busy so I could keep running from it… yet actually perpetuating it. I also let it spew out of me, landing on my kids 😩… Grumpy Mama strikes again.

Although grumpy mom usually starts the release as well. The tears came that night and the next day. I decided to unplan a few events to make some spaciousness for myself. And I decided that laundry and dishes could wait. I would prioritize feeling my energy and feelings. I would prioritize something for myself that makes me feel good. Hence this blog post. And then be kind to myself as I may continue to need more process time, but feeling good I gave myself a good chunk of space today.

I share about this and why I think sensations work, observing how we are feeling, is so important. That it is a beautiful step to allow us to feel it and heal it. And this beautiful step does not always look so calm. Before I gave myself space to calmly feel, I was screaming and thrashing, letting my body sound and move how she needed. But, on the other side is a continued birthing of my authentic self. A version that feels good in my body.

Listen Here

If you want support feeling your feelings and using the Lionsgate portal as some supportive energy to really move things. I recommend trying Darlene’s Kula Embodiment practice and sound bath 7-9 pm on August 8th.

Lots of Love 💕


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