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Do you follow your intuition?

I was certain that getting my business off the ground so I could leave my 9-5 was the answer. I thought, once I reached that goal of replacing my 9-5 income with income from my business, then I would be happy.

But, life is a journey and not a destination. In 2020 I realized I was chasing a goal unsure if it would result in my desired outcome. And started to ask my intuition for more guidance. And started leaning into the idea that maybe my intuitive business should be guided by my intuition instead of only relying on my mind.

Have a listen: Mind versus Intuition

And I should add, I do think both are important (mind and intuition) to lean on and integrate. But my challenge is for you to touch base with your intuition more. See where that takes you.

Fun Fact, my business photo shoot photographer was picked using my intuition. Just one of the many amazing pictures Claire took. 👇

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