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Coaching is the Bomb dot Com


This Blog is meant to help you feel seen and a little less crazy on your journey to follow and trust your gut more deeply.


This is a totally biased opinion… but for me, coaching is the Bomb dot Com!!

It has helped me to trust myself more deeply. It has helped me to make some big scary changes. It has helped me to feel seen and heard. It has helped me to feel safe. I really cannot say enough good things about coaching.

I have had four coaches now over the last 3 years and it keeps getting better all the time! When I have asked my intuition about working with my coaches, it always tells me "I will be able to get there on my own". I also believe this is true for everyone. But, my intuition did add, "if I decide to work with a coach, it speeds up the process/integration of what I am desiring". And in my experience, this happens because the coaches create a really safe and supportive space to help you as you work through some big steps in a new unknown direction. And that safety is EVERYTHING!!!


You can keep taking steps forward because you have someone right there with you. Ready to catch you and hold you when the steps feel scary, resistant, challenging. They help you feel safe as you take new and scary steps forward.

With all the coaches I have invested in, I wasn’t drawn to them because they were coaches. I was drawn to them as people and it just so happened their offers with the most support came as a coaching package.

But I do believe coaching, really good coaching, is unbiased. They don’t bring in their agenda. Instead they show up to support you. They offer you tools to get clarity on what you already know. That is right, you already know what is best for you. You just need someone to help to remember that knowing and learn to trust it again.

Listen to my Love Story about coaching here.

If you are wanting more support. You are curious about coaching with me, reach out. I offer a 30 minute no pressure call (I mean it, no pressure) where we can talk about my coaching, talk about your desires, talk about your pain points. Then, only if it feels really good, like a hell ya good, would we work together. So after the call you will have ample time and space to sit with it and decide if it feels like a hell ya to work with me 😊.

Or if you are curious about my current coach, you can reach out to Kaila! She is absolutely wonderful and I do believe she is offering magic in her coaching container.

Lots of Love 💕


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PS. If you ever feel called to purchase a copy of my book, send me a message! I am selling signed copies for $33 CAD plus shipping (or free delivery for those in Saskatoon).


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