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Blowing the lid off my relationship with money and work!

In the last year I have manifested a 33% wage increase at my 9-5! 🤯 I am blowing the lid off my relationship with money and work! Really blowing the lid off myself, allowing me to stand up and shine!

I remember having the realization that I was selling myself short and that all that stood between me and my boss at the time was confidence in myself. As my boss at the time kept coming to me for advice and technical support. It dawned on me I didn’t need to know it all. You need a solid footing and then you need to be willing to ask. Ask those around you for support, to fill in the gaps where you might not be as strong. Have the confidence to lead and not be afraid to ask a silly question because someone always knows the answer if you don’t. Brene Brown's podcast does a great job of diving into this: Unlocking Us with Brene Brown on Armored versus Daring Leadership.

And the opportunities to take the next step did not come when I was driving myself forward. Grinding at my job. Both opportunities bringing me to today came when I finally listened to my inner knowing and took a pause. Leaned into the Nothing and slowed into a place of receiving. I manifested these opportunities once I took the time to ask for something different!

If you also want to ask for something different? I am running an 8 part manifesting series starting June 8th, 2002 that is geared towards manifesting that perfect work environment. Email: to sign up or learn more!

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