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Coming back home to your true and authentic self through connection with your intuition



I didn't think I was intuitive. I assumed only certain people were gifted with that ability. Then in 2017 I blew my own mind when I discovered I had intuition, and it was always guiding me. My intuition had the answers, clear guidance, if I just took the time to listen.



My mind felt stuck! I couldn't see how I could start to feel myself again. I thought I had to burn my life to the ground or just take a pill to cover up my unhappiness. But what if there was a third option?



I was feeling so disconnected from my body. It was screaming at me to pay attention. My intuition kept calling for me to move my body through dance. And so, I discovered the joy of intuitive movement! It is about getting out of your head and back into your body. Your body holds so much for you, dance is a playful way to get in touch with your subtle self.

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$55 CAD for 22 minutes

I have been working to trust my intuition for years and I still at times second guess the messages I receive. I start to wonder if the guidance I am getting is clouded by fears from my mind. 

I love to get confirmation from other intuitive when I am second guessing myself. Nothing is more affirming to have someone else give you the same guidance that you are receiving from your intuition. Especially for those big questions. 

This is a simple recorded session. You send me the questions on your mind, and I tap into my intuition (the collective consciousness) and provide a quick (up to 22 minutes) session that helps you get clarity. 

I find these sessions very helpful when your mind has a "chew toy", aka a story running on repeat that is create stress in your body. These sessions have a way of calming the mind and in turn calming the nervous system. 

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$88 CAD for 44 minutes

I remember the first oracle card deck I bought in 2017 with my friend Kyla. We were working together and really diving deep into all things intuitive (before 2017 I didn't think I had intuition). The deck was a little mystical and dark. I had no idea at that point how to pull cards but started playing with the deck. 

Fast forward to today and I love going to my card decks for daily guidance or a full spread card reading when I am looking to access my intuition in a fun and playful way. Or want to affirm through the cards the intuitive guidance I have already received. 

Virtual or In-person at my space at Harder’s Family Wellness Centre in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. This offering is where my intuition will lead. However, in this session I do encourage feedback or input from yourself sharing any downloads or intuitive nudges you get as the cards are pulled. Or you can just sit back and receive the guidance. 

As with the Check-in Recordings, this is also a great way to affirm your own intuitive guidance.  

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$111 CAD for 75 minutes

You have an Inner Knowing! These sessions are about building confidence in yourself. Learning to trust and prioritizing that time connected to your intuition, your deepest and most authentic part of you.

Virtual or In-person at Harder’s Family Wellness Centre in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. During a session we spend up to 75 minutes helping you connect to your intuition. Once connected you get the guidance specific to you and what is best for you in that moment. 

I remember my first guided session; I was already connecting to my intuition. I wasn't sure it was going to make a difference, but my intuition and/or curiosity kept pulling me towards a session. I am so glad I did as the experience was something else. Having someone lead the session so you can just stay fully present and connected to your intuition. We went deeper. I got answers to questions I had struggled to get clarity on in the past. My body felt wild after, it felt so heavy after, like I had maybe left my body for a portion of the session.

So, Caution, this session my just be the first step to the rest of your new life!

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