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Intuitive Embodiment Dance


Get Back Into Your Body

Movement can be so helpful in releasing stuck emotions and stress. If you stress level is over a 5 on a scale of 10. Your body needs movement more than stillness to help the stress release. Read Blog post here if you want to learn more about the benefits of intuitive movement. 

During our time together we will acknowledge what is ready to be released that day. We will connect to your intuition through movement to help release emotions, beliefs and stories that are causing tension in our body. As your body relaxes through dance, you are in a better place to access your intuition as we quiet the mind and sink into our essence. 

No prior dance experience is required, just let you body move however it wants! 

Dance: Welcome


Come Dance with Me

Each Month Come Celebrate the New Moon with me and Kyla from Back2Nature Wellness and Events.

Offered at Blackstrap Provincial Park

3 hours | $95 CAD + tax/person

Get ready for a connecting experience under the new moon!

We're here to provide you with an experience to turn inward and harness the energy of the new moon and set intentions for the next moon cycle. Allow yourself this time each month to reflect, release and manifest.

This experience is for you if you’d like to set goals and reflect on action steps you can make each day to achieve the life of your dreams. You’ll be guided through an embodiment dance with carefully curated music followed by releasing and unwinding in the wood-burning barrel sauna. There will be an opportunity for you to get quiet and reflect so be sure to bring a notebook and pen to write down your most precious dreams and goals!

Dance: About Me
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