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Coming Home to You

Intuitive Embodiment of Self Coaching


My mind felt stuck! I couldn't see how I could start to feel myself again. I thought I had to burn my life to the ground or just take a pill to cover up my unhappiness. But what if there was a third option? What if my intuition knew are more easeful path that would allow me to live in flow?

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Intuitive Embodiment of Self Coaching


$222 USD/$333 CAD per month

You do not feel good in your body because you have traveled so far from your authentic self. Each time you picked something to make others happy, instead of yourself, you slowly eroded away your true self.

This is about transformation; we are going to change your life! I hold the container; I am part of your support team as you tap within. We can start at any time and each “month” includes 3 calls up to an hour in length and weekday Voxer support. Get clear steps that move you closer and closer to your Embodiment of Self. Get clear on those steps by connection to your intuition with my support. 

Why monthly containers? Because you don't want to burn it to the ground, and you don't want to take the pills. The monthly container gives grace to your mind. A slow transition to come back home to you. Giving you the flexibility to renew month to month. Or take a break and step away as needed. Space for you to trust and honour your process. A chance for you to live in inspiration, ignite your own fire within. 

Why do I believe so deeply in coaching? I was not thriving. I had hit rock bottom and I was looking for a way out. My mind saw only two options.

1. Burn it to the ground!

2. Or stay unhappy!

But the universe had my back. It has your back now if you have made it to my page. The universe wants us to see another option. It wants us to have support, because this is big work transforming your life. If you are not use to living in flow, it can take some nurturing to get your mind, body and soul to a place where that feels easeful. Your default feels safe, because it is the feeling you know. What you are craving will feel scary at first, as it is a feeling you likely haven't experienced or not on a regular basis. 

I followed the nudges, I signed up with the coaches that felt aligned. Aka a full body Hell Yes! Full body Hell Yes is how my intuition is leading me. Each step along the way I started to feel more like myself. My mind got onboard with the changes as it could feel the difference in my mind, body and soul. 

One month is a long time, so I do not want us jumping into this if we BOTH do not feel good. Maybe I am just here to plant the seed and not your transformation container. But if you are feeling called to work with me. Then book a free 30-minute call so we can both get clear together. 

I know you are already on the path to living a life in flow. I know you are already listening to your intuition. I know you will find a way to live life from a place of inspiration. I am just here if it would feel fun to take those steps with me by your side. 

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