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Trust Yourself

I am on a journey to return to my authentic self. My authentic self is the version of me that accepts all parts of me. My authentic self trusts me, I tap into my inner knowing fostering a deep trust in self. That trust in myself helps me take action, that might feel crazy or unsafe to the mind. The trust comes from showing the mind over and over again that it can trust the guidance I get when I tap into my inner knowing. That trust helps me bring back my light and spark. That light and spark I only think we can access when we are allowing ourselves to keep evolving and changing. I do believe that the only thing constant in life is change. I do truly believe we are meant to enjoy this thing called life. I am on a journey to get so deeply connected with myself that every day truly feels in alignment and joyful.

Although to date the journey has felt very rocky at times. 


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Amber Kelly from Ignite with Amber


​I use to be a logical person. I use to always look outside of myself for validation and guidance. I use to have very little trust in myself. I did not trust how to access my intuition. This has meant I followed that outside guidance and outside validation without checking in with myself. It meant I was very far down a path of inauthenticity and misalignment. It meant I have felt exhausted, overwhelmed, unispired. And it wasn't until I repeatedly hit rock bottom I was ready to shift the course. Take myself down a path that was for me. Take myself down a path of unknowns. Start to look to myself for guidance. Start to trust that even with fears and possibly a messy journey ahead of me, I was going to keep moving forward. I was going to tap into my inner knowing and follow it back to a place of alignment within myself.

Over the last 9 years now I have been shifting myself from a very logical person to a person looking to access my intuition and follow it without question. Over the 9 years I have been surrendering and living a life in flow... while still nurturing my beautiful complex ego/mind! Which has looked like a balance of structure and safety when needed while also slowly stepping into more alignment and flow. After all I believe the magic happens when all of us, all parts of us, are all working towards the same outcome.  

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Amber Kelly from Ignite with Amber


I started to tap into my inner knowing in 2014. I had lived with chronic right shoulder pain for 6+ years. I couldn't sleep on my right side; I couldn't lift my arm above my head. I had hit my first rock bottom and I was desperate for relief. Then in walked Bodytalk. It took just one Bodytalk session, and I went from not being able to lift my arm above my head, and not able to sleep on that right side of my body at night, to ZERO PAIN!  

My mind was BLOWN! After one session I had NO PAIN!?!?! 

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Amber Kelly From Ignite with Amber


​I wanted more and started to chase that feeling. The feeling I think we all crave. The feeling of being seen. Truly understanding ourselves and feeling comfortable in our own skin.

This led me down the path of first becoming a Certified Bodytalk Practitioner in 2018. This was a big shift as I had always been looking to other practitioners to access my intuition for me and tell me what I needed. This training opened me up to the fact that I could access my intuition. That we all have that connection to our intuition! For the first time helped me access my intuition, that I was not consciously connecting to before. 

I started offering Bodytalk sessions for a few years (while completing my train and after I was certified). However this was not it... around 2019 I was starting to feel a tug that I needed something else. That Bodytalk was not where I needed to land.

In late 2019 I started my journey of following the breadcrumbs. Following what feels good and lights me up. While also dismantling or maybe while also steering myself down a new path. I have connected more deeply with myself through Inner Voice (Inner Knowing) sessions. Really deepened my ability to access my intuition and trust in myself through unbiased and unconditional coaches! They believed you need to trust yourself and trust your gut and they created the space so I could return to my authentic self more deeply. Compassionate Inquiry has allowed me to access parts of myself that did not feel safe to show in the past. Finally Somatic Inquiry (bean bag release, pain body work, sensations) has brought me to a place of even deeper connections with myself. 

The final piece for me at the moment has been getting to know myself through human design and astrology. This has allowed me to trust my desires. To trust that I am now taking aligned action and on the path to return to my authentic self. That my intuition is to be trusted and allowing my mind to settle into this new path more easily. 

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Ignite with Amber - Amber Kelly


Here is where I have landed... although I have had this inner knowing since 2020. As of 2023 I know that writing, sharing, and expressing myself is everything to me. That is what lights me up the most. This next chapter is going to be deepening my trust. As I intend to follow that energy, follow the desire to share my journey as I connect more deeply to my intuition. My mind has no idea how I could follow this desire to write and share and express to find a fulfilling career. I have seen it happen for other people, but my mind right now does not believe it can happen for us. And as I am learning, maybe the end goal is not sharing, but for now that is where the breadcrumbs are leading me and so that is where I will go. 

Want to keep following my journey where I return to my authentic self and I encourage others and myself to trust yourself and trust your gut? 

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