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Trust Your Gut

I was always looking outside of myself for approval and guidance. Looking to find the path of least resistance, afraid to rock the boat. But following this path left me exhausted, uninspired and searching for something more. It wasn't until I started to get connected to my inner knowing and really allow myself to get clear on what I wanted, that I realized I was living a life so far out of alignment with myself. I wasn't sure how to get back to a place where I felt like me.

Now as I come back home to me, one baby step at a time. I realize how powerful it can be to get out of your head and back into your body. Trust your gut and trust yourself. Learn to trust your intuition and follow it without hesitation. We always know what is best for us, we just need to remember how to trust ourselves again.

I want to return to my authentic self. My guess is if you found my page, you want that too. You have gone too far down the wrong path and feel exhausted, uninspired and lost.

Subscribe and follow along as I share my journey of coming back home to my authentic self. I share my experiences and knowledge I have collected along the way so you might find inspiration, comfort and/or guidance on your journey to learn to trust yourself. Let Ignite with Amber (aka me :) be your guide on this journey and ignite that fire within you!

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